A meeting of Russian intellectuals in exile was held in Hamburg

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Александр и Галина Гончаренко, 04.04.2023С историком и с одним из основателей Мемориала Ириной Щербаковой (фото 2)С журналисткой и руководителем Русь Сядящая Ольгой Романовой (фото 3)A meeting of Russian emigrants living in Germany was held in Hamburg on 04.04.

The organizer was an independent German foundation, which has been conducting its charitable activities since 1959.

The format of the meeting was an exchange of ideas between Russian intellectuals in exile and some experts. The meeting was attended by Russian human rights defenders, journalists, representatives of science and culture, civil activists (23 people in total).

Galina and I also took part in the event (photo 1). During the presentation of the participants of the event, we told how, under the threat of criminal prosecution, we urgently moved to Kazakhstan, and then 6.5 months later, thanks to the International Human Rights Organization Amnesty International, with the support of the Hamburg Foundation, the Politically Persecuted emigrated to Germany.

It was interesting to talk with the well-known Russian journalist and the head of the Charity Foundation "Russia Sitting" with Olga Romanova (photo 3), writer Sergei Lebedev, with members of the Memorial Society liquidated by the Russian authorities Elena Zhemkova and Irina Shcherbakova (photo 2), and many others.

Alexander Goncharenko, doctor, politician and human rights activist